Have you ever thought how dreams come true?


      It all starts with your idea.


      New technologies have changed our lives. And these changes are for the better!

      By creating a personal mobile application and developing a website that combines style and high practicality, you expand your capabilities in any field of activity. Our specialists, based on their skills, find the best solution at each stage of development, which allows you to implement a project of any complexity.


      Our specialists are fluent in such programming languages ​​as Swift, Java, Objective-C, C ++, C #.



To create mobile applications, we use Xcode (iOS), Android Studio (Android)

Designed in Pixelmator and Photoshop CS6


The application for a cafe or restaurant contains the following functions:

View the restaurant menu - view photos, composition and price of dishes from the menu.

Location on the map - look for an institution on a map of the area and create a route to it.

Contacts - contact the establishment by phone or e-mail

Notifications - Get alerts on current promotions


Price: from $600

The app for service companies is suitable for taxis, delivery services, a cinema, a gym and much more:

View list of services - view photos, description and price for the company's services

Company location on the map - look for a place on a map of the area and plot a route to it.

Contacts - contact the company by phone or e-mail

Notifications - get alerts on current promotions

QR - use QR technology to use discount cards and electronic tickets


Price: from $600

Special technical application is required to solve special problems, such as medical or technical nature.


Price: from $2000


According to App Annie, the mobile application industry has created a whopping $ 41.1 billion in gross annual income, which is expected to grow to $ 50.9 billion. According to Statista, gross annual income will exceed $ 189 billion in 2020. Despite data from various researchers slightly different, the general conclusion is: the market is far from saturation. App Annie's predictions were confirmed in Forrester reports that by the end of 2016, only 46% of the world's population owned smartphones. This suggests that the widely discussed mobile revolution is just beginning.

Other Forrester statistics show a huge gap between leading companies, for which mobile devices have become the catalyst for the transformation of their business, and companies that treat mobile devices simply as another development direction. At the beginning of 2016, only 18% of surveyed companies were in the first category. This figure is expected to overcome 25% next year.

The IHS Markit report suggests that by 2020, embedded advertising will generate $ 53.4 billion in total revenue per year. This is almost 63% of revenue from mobile display advertising.


Hybrid monetization models, such as embedded advertising and in-app purchases, are clearly gaining popularity in the business world. Most studies suggest that embedded advertising will be a major factor in the growth of the mobile market in the coming years.

 Today, out of 44.5 million people living in Ukraine, 10.5 million are smartphone users. And their number increases every year by 20-22%. In each smartphone, about 30 applications that allow you to book restaurant tables, buy subscriptions to the gym, chat and do business. Studies have shown that a person “sits” on the gadget on average 3.5 hours per day. Due to this, the indicators of mobile advertising have increased, now they make up 66% of the total advertising budget.

To tell everyone as quickly as possible about: special offers, innovations, “Happy Hours” promotions, etc., PUSH notifications will help. They establish a new format of communication and make you closer to the guests of a cafe or restaurant.

Sent instantly and at the same time completely free. For comparison, you can calculate the amount of time and money spent on a similar SMS plan.

QR codes lead customers directly to where you can download your application. They can be placed in ads, in windows, anywhere. FREE are created, easily distributed. For you - saving on issuing plastic cards. For the guest of the restaurant - the opportunity not to carry these cards with them.



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